How it all started....

As the best nursery in Nottingham, we frequently hear from parents asking how Angels by Day got its start. The owner found herself a bit stretched, working full time and pregnant, with two young boys, a 6-month-old and a 3-year-old.  She sought the perfect place that could cater to both children’s needs but found nowhere quite right. There were places that would have been good for the baby and others that would have been great at preparing the 3-year-old for school, but nowhere that was right for both.  Between short opening hours, rigid schedules, and tiny outdoor play areas, nothing fit. So, she took a leap, did extensive research, even mortgaged the cat, and established Angels by Day Nursery. Now, we’re thrilled to be known as a nursery that truly understands and supports families just like yours!


Preparation for Life (yes really! - It sounds dramatic but it really does all start here)

As well as caring for your child, we know every day they spend with us is preparing them for school, and all that lies beyond. That doesn’t mean we act like a school ourselves, though! We simply aim to inspire children with a real love of learning through creative, well-thought-out, stimulating play. What sets us apart from other nurseries and solidifies our reputation as the best nursery in Nottingham is our belief in natural play.

Creative, Imaginative Play

Play comes naturally to children; we want to encourage and nurture that, giving them the freedom to let their imaginations roam free whilst making sure they feel safe and protected. We offer a huge variety of activities including drawing and painting, writing, imaginative play, indoor and outdoor toys and apparatus, reading both in groups and individually, cooking and gardening, craft work and music and movement.


Happy Staff, Happy Children

Learning goes beyond the classroom and through play we also encourage children to make their own decisions, believe in themselves, try new things, make friends, empathise with their peers and most importantly, have fun each and every day. These are the things that make life enjoyable, not just for children but for grown-ups too. The staff team are recognised as our most important resource, a happy, empowered, sensitive practitioner will foster good progress and learning in the children in their care.

“Learning is child's play when you know how”

Come and Visit Us!

We use specially designed Montessori apparatus to demonstrate concepts to show the children things, rather than simply expecting them to understand our explanations. Learning is a multi-sensory business. Why not come and take a look for yourself?

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