Discover the range of childcare support options available to your family, designed to provide flexibility, support, and peace of mind during your child’s early years.

Childcare Funding Options

Free Childcare Eligibility and Funding

15 hours of free childcare available for all families of 2yrs+ from April’24

If your child is 9 months+ by the 31st of August, you will receive the 15hrs funding if eligible from Sept 2024. This includes working parents who individually or jointly earn more than £8,670 but less than £100,000 adjusted net income per year are eligible.

From April 2024 all families with children aged 2yrs+ will be eligible for 15 hours of free childcare. Please note that the funding applies to all families after their 2nd birthday.

Funding schedule based on the child’s birth month:

January-March: Funding begins in April.
April-August: Funding begins in September.
September-December: Funding begins in January.

Next Steps After Receiving Reference Code

Angels by Day would invite you to visit the nursery, complete paperwork, see evidence of the eligibility email/letter, and ask for a photocopy of your child’s birth certificate. We would then organize settling sessions the week before your child’s agreed-upon days.

Child painting - Angels by Day Stay and Play Sessions
Childcare Funding Options Angels By Day Nursery

Angels by Day Childcare Options

Term time options for 2, 3, and 4-year-olds: mornings (7.45-12.45 pm) or afternoons (1-6 pm).

Please note 2yr old have free meals, and 3,4yr old are asked to pay a small meal charge as the funding received is lower than the 2yr funding, or you have the option to provide a packed lunch.

We have concluded to get the most out of your funded hours. The 5-hour sessions were much more effective for our children rather than 3 hours per day.

• If your child is 2yrs and your household income is under £15,400 per year you will need to apply online at
• If you are a working family household, you will need to apply here

Year-Round Childcare and Funding

At Angels by Day, we offer you full days all year round and stretch your funding over the 50 weeks of the year so you have a price deduction with a consistent monthly fee. Angels terms are below. If you are eligible for funding from April, it will begin in May. Please note: Angels by Day charges for 50 weeks of the year and splits the cost into 52 weeks, giving clients a ‘two-week holiday’ but having a consistent monthly fee.

Angels by Day terms are below:
Term 1: Jan/Feb/March/April
Term 2: May/June/July/Aug
Term 3: Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec

We are flexible at Angels, if your child attends term time only but you need an extra hour per day or one day due to commitments you have the option to pay for just that hour during term time to stay longer.

Angels By Day Toddler Room

Flexible Hours and Additional Support

30 hours available for working families the term after your child’s 3rd birthday
If you are a working household, you may be eligible for 30 hours per week, you would need to apply online at to check your eligibility
Angels by Day offers term time only of 4 mornings or 4 afternoons (x5 hours per day) plus one full day of 8-6 pm (10hrs per day) this equals 30hrs per week. Alternatively, you have the option to be full days all year round and stretch your funding to receive a deduction in fees and attend all half terms.

When does the 30hrs come into place for children under 3yrs? From September 2025 if you meet the government criteria you could be eligible for 30 hours per week from ages 9mths+ you would need to apply on

Tax-free childcare is available for working families of all ages, you can get 20% help towards your nursery fees from the government, and every £8 you put in will be topped up by £2

How do I apply for TFC?

Please visit, and follow these steps:
Step 1-create a childcare account
Step 2- receive a unique reference to use on your online banking
Step 3- transfer your money into your tax-free childcare account, and wait 24 hours for the Gov to top it up
Step 4- sign back into your childcare account and release the funds to the nursery

Optional* You can set up a standing order on your account if you don’t wish to sign in monthly to release the funds

The importance of play-based learning in nursery schools 2
The Job Centre

Support for Starting a New Job

Starting a new job? The job centre has recently supported new clients going into a new job. If you meet the criteria, you could have your deposit and first four weeks’ nursery fees paid to support you financially as you start your new career. You would need to call or visit your local job centre. You return a form to the nursery to complete with all details, and the job centre pays directly to the nursery. Please note this is not available going back to work from Mat leave.

Support for Universal Credit Claimants

I claim universal credits. Will they help me? Yes, if you meet their criteria, you could receive up to 85% towards your childcare fees.
How do I apply? Angels provide clients with monthly invoices and proof of payments, which clients upload to their ‘journal’ online. Clients pay the setting up front at the beginning of the month, and once they have uploaded all documents, they will receive a set monthly date from UC to receive their up 85% payment, this could be, e.g. 13th of every month

Childcare Funding Options - Angels By Day Nursery Location
Childcare Funding Options - Support for Students

Support for Universal Credit Claimants

I am going to attend college or university. Will they help with childcare? Yes, once you have received your timetable, we can finalise which sessions you require. At Angels, we will also allow clients to use funded hours to help bring the fees down. Clients can also pay a top-up if fees are more than the capped offer on the college table below; a deposit may be required.

The university will give students a pot of money for the year while studying. They send you login details to create a ‘portal’ to which you can add our nursery details, and we can upload invoices to your portal. You then approve and release the weekly funds to the nursery, and you may have to pay a slight top of 20%, but each student is different. You can also use your pot of money to pay your deposit. Angels have been known to allow students to receive childcare to start studying and wait for the portal to be set up to receive the money. The portal can be challenging at times and takes some patience, so as a setting, we understand and show flexibility.

Discover the Angels by Day Difference in Childcare

As your journey in parenting continues, remember that Angels by Day is here to support, guide, and enrich both your and your child’s experiences. Our dedicated team in Lenton and Bulwell, conveniently located near Hucknall, Watnall, and Bestwood Village, is committed to providing outstanding childcare tailored to the unique needs of toddlers.

We invite you to visit us and see firsthand how our innovative approaches, like The Curiosity Approach, and our engaging Stay and Play sessions, create a nurturing and stimulating environment for your little one. Whether you’re seeking advice, support with your child’s development, or a caring community that understands the joys and challenges of raising toddlers, Angels by Day is your partner in this incredible journey. Contact us today to explore how we can meet your childcare needs and become a part of your family’s story.

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