About The Curiosity Approach

We’ve incorporated The Curiosity Approach into our nursery practices as a way to engage children in thought-provoking activities that encourage them to explore the options of everything presented to them.

The Curiosity Approach was set up by two experienced nursery owners who have a love of all things natural, eschewing brightly coloured plastic in favour of natural or “real” tones and textures. We feel that it is particularly pertinent for children who may not have as much access to the natural world in their own homes.

“It’s a beautiful recipe book of wonderful ingredients, carefully mixed together with experience, passion and a love of Early Childhood.”

How We Incorporate The Curiosity Approach Into Our Nursery

One of the best aspects of The Curiosity Approach is that it teaches children how to handle and respect their environment. For example, we support the 3-4 year olds having a tea party using real china, pouring “tea” into cups. Another typical activity would be for the children to create a self-portrait using “loose parts” including pebbles, bamboo sections, shells etc which are assembled in a picture frame. We would then take a photograph, and the children sort and return the loose parts to their baskets. As well as inspiring creativity and considered thought, the activity also teaches the children to tidy away for next time! We believe that incorporating The Curiosity Approach ideas and activities into our nursery setting gives children so many more opportunities to explore and learn.

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