Running the nurseries takes up the majority of our time but we do manage to find the odd moment to keep up to date with what is going on in the childcare sector, specifically in Nottingham,  and also for a bit of charitable fundraising.

How do preschool activities help a child’s development?

As nursery practitioners, it is our job to nurture children to blossom and grow into independent little learners. This could be from teaching them to put on their shoes or go to the toilet, to beginning to write their names or follow instructions, socialising, and turn-taking. All of these little milestones have a significant impact …

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The Benefits of Messy Play for Children

At our day nursery in Nottingham, we encourage our children to get messy and learn through play! There are several benefits of messy play, such as supporting a child’s development and fostering curiosity. Read more to find out why we love messy play…

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Preparing for Preschool

preschool children playing

What’s the goal of preschool? Here at Angels By Day, we believe that the goals of early childhood education include: Physical and emotional development Social development Language and literacy development Cognitive skill development

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Private Nursery vs School Nursery: What is the difference?

children at a private day care nursery

The basic principles will be the same everywhere. Although, each nursery setting will have different ethos’s and approaches to delivering the underlining fundamental approaches and learning provocations/opportunities stated in the EYFS document.

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Tips for choosing a nursery

children playing at nursery

A few questions to ask yourselves when choosing a nursery from my experience as a daycare Manager and a parent are-

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What is the Curiosity Approach?

the curiosity approach

The Curiosity Approach was developed by co-founders Lyndsey Hellyn and Stephanie Bennett, who have over 50 years of combined teaching and leadership experience in Early Childhood Education and Learning.

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What is the best age for a child to start nursery in the UK?

little boy painting at nursery

When it comes to a child starting nursery in the UK, there is no right or wrong answer. Sending your child to nursery can be dictated by choice or necessity.

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New Pod for Springfield House in Bulwell

nursery in bulwell

We are so excited to announce that our much longed for pod at Angels in Bulwell is now open and being enjoyed by our out of school children!

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Race For Life 2016

Once again the Race for Life Team at Angels have run, jogged or walked 5km to raise funds for Cancer Relief. This year the race took place at Nottingham Embankment on a hot and sunny Sunday 5th of June.

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