20 Fun Rainy Day Pre-School Activities

On those unpredictable rainy days, it can be a challenge to keep little ones entertained, especially when they’re itching to go outside or maybe seeking indoor adventures. That’s where “Fun Rainy Day Pre-School Activities” come into play.

From indoor scavenger hunts to splashing in muddy puddles, our list is brimming with creative ways to turn those gloomy days into memorable moments of joy and learning. Dive into our curated activities that not only promise endless fun but also provide valuable developmental experiences, ensuring your children stay happy, engaged, and enriched.

Wondering how to implement learning into everyday activities outdoors? Let’s explore fun ideas that not only keep your toddlers entertained but also help them learn as they play. What can we do outside to make sure they’re having a blast while picking up new skills?

  • Fun Rainy Day Pre-School Activities - Splashing in Muddy Puddles (1)Splashing in muddy puddles, I mean, who doesn’t want to get on their wellies and their wet suits and go outside and play in the rain? Jumping in muddy puddles might not seem like the children are learning anything from this, but you would be surprised. In order for the children to go outside, firstly, they must help to get themselves dressed; this covers physical development in the Development matters. Then you have the jumping itself, which is helping develop the children’s gross motor skills. Also, it covers lots of other areas such as communication and language, learning new vocabulary, social skills, literacy, and expressive arts and design (singing songs) 
  • Rainmaker music bottles, we all enjoy listening to the rain as it splashes against the windows. This is a great activity to allow the children to experiment with different objects to explore new sounds we can make. This is a great way to encourage children to think of new ways to do things and is a great interaction topic talking about the sounds they can hear and expanding the topic to explore different types of weather from all around the world, which is a great way to develop our understanding the world. 
  • Rain catchers in the garden, let’s talk mathematics, and what a great way to help children gain an understanding of all things mathematical. Allowing children to explore and collect rain from the outdoors to get an understanding of quantity, counting, and recognizing number symbols. The children can think of ways in which they can use the rain we have collected for activities such as water play, watering flowers, or even bathing the babies developing their imagination and role-play. 
  • Watercolor rain paints, what child or practitioner doesn’t like to get messy? Let’s get out the watercolors and get ready to mark make, allowing the children to explore their creative flow using water paints to mark make on paper. Get the children to place their artwork around the garden and let the magic happen. The children will love watching the artwork change. 
  • Indoor phonics sounds scavenger hunt; all kids love a good scavenger hunt! And what better way to enhance their phonics sounds and to recognize objects’ soundings? Place out letter cards around the room and then let the children explore their surroundings to find objects that begin with that sound. This activity can boost the children’s problem-solving skills and build relationships with each other working within a team. And a great way to practice letter sounds.  
  • Cloud sensory tuff tray, it’s simple, and just a few resources are needed! Cotton wool, water, and some added pipe cleaners for lightning bolts. Now we are ready to explore the different textures of cotton wool, wet (full clouds) and dry (empty clouds). Let the children explore the textures and talk about the differences, and what an amazing learning opportunity for the children to learn about how clouds function and, of course, where rain comes from. Let the children observe the clouds outside. How do they look? What colour are they? Is the rain light or heavy? There is so much for us to learn. 
  • Obstacle courses: need to burn off some of that energy and keep the children moving. Let’s make an obstacle course using wooden blocks or even just a few everyday items you may have laid around, such as cardboard boxes. Laundry baskets etc. The children will love moving in different ways exploring new spaces climbing in and out of boxes, and crawling through tunnels. Physical play is a fantastic way to support children’s brain development. Or let the children’s imagination run wild and build a box den. 
Fun Rainy Day Pre-School Activities - Watercolor rain paints

And just a few more fun activity ideas you may like to try 

  • Explore the weatherboard- talk about your likes and dislikes in the weather 
  • Weather-themed nursery rhymes 
  • Make and bake 
  • Chalk mark-making outside 
  • Storytellers story time 
  • Play dough and loose parts 
  • Dry pasta play with paint 
  • Watering cans in a water tray 
  • Sand and water animals to explore 
  • Rainy Day Cloud Collage 
  • Cornflour and blue colouring water-themed 
  • Dancing in the rain with dance ribbons 
  • Make rain sticks 

These fun activities are a shining example of play-based learning, perfect for helping little ones learn while they play. From discovering new words to learning about teamwork, every game is designed to boost your toddler’s skills. And guess what? While they think they’re just having fun, they’re also preparing for the future!

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