The rhythm of our baby room is attuned to each individual child rather than the other way around. We do this by spending time with the parents on a pre-visit to find out all relevant information so we can care for your child in a way that best suits their needs.

The key to looking after very young children well is to foster warm relationships with a small, consistent team of psychics. The staff look for clues to ensure they meet all the basic needs of comfort – both physical and emotional, hunger and tiredness and once these have all been taken care of, engage the children in play activities to introduce them to the world and all its possibilities.

Within our setting, we follow the curiosity approach to learning, which means that when walking into the setting, it has a warm homely feeling. Many parents, when coming to look around, have commented, saying that that’s the feeling they get. The idea is to make the child feel more like they are coming into a home rather than a nursery setting.

The baby room has a big open space with all different areas set out for the children to play in. These include a cosy corner for story time, a home corner where they can begin using their imaginations, and also a play gym to help with their physical development. We also have a sleep room in our baby room which allows the younger children to sleep comfortably and safely. Although not all children go in cots, we have coracles or a bed for when they get a little older.

When setting out activities for babies, we ensure, first and foremost, that they are age appropriate and safe for the children to play with. We make sure they are at the child’s height so they are easy for them to explore and play with. Also making sure there is a wide variety for them to choose from.  

We cater to each child’s individual needs, also following the child’s interests ensuring that they are happy when in the setting. The child’s key worker will spend time with them building up a bond and making sure they know their routine and any comforters they may have if they become a little upset. Also, as a key worker, it is their job to track your child’s development. All children develop at different stages, so the key worker will work with them to ensure they are meeting their milestones, giving any extra support if needed.


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