A fresh take on a tried and tested approach...

Our approach to childcare is inspired by the Montessori Method, a teaching method devised by Dr Maria Montessori at the beginning of the 20th century. Maria Montessori believed, above all, that you should care and respect for yourself, each other, and the environment around you and we think these are fantastic principles for life; however young or old you are.

A great deal of what we do in our nursery is guided by the Montessori Method, rather than being dictated by it, and we’re always open to, and mindful of, new ideas and different children’s needs of course. We’re also big fans of The Curiosity Approach and holistic learning.


Maria Montessori saw children as having a natural curiosity for life and you only have to watch a child to see how they continually use their senses to explore and soak up knowledge, from the first moment they’re born. Her teaching method aims to nurture and develop this natural curiosity within children. She identified six teaching areas which we use in our nursery setting to inspire and inform our play; Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language and Literacy, Knowledge and Understanding of the World and Creative Development.

As you know, children can learn an incredible amount through play and being shown how to do things in a fun and imaginative way, whether they’re growing sunflowers, learning how to tie shoelaces, painting a picture or dressing up. The possibilities are endless at our Montessori nursery.

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